How to Get Your Press Pass

and Get Backstage

at Conferences and Events 

(Even if you’re not a trained reporter, no one knows who you are and you’re convinced you have no hope of connecting with the movers and shakers in your niche) 
“How to Get Your Press Pass" is for entrepreneurs who want to land big-time interviews and make an impact.
All you need is moxie and a microphone! 

If you’re anything like all the other entrepreneurs who’ve landed on this page, you’re probably thinking to yourself:

“Susan, who’s going to give me a press pass? I’m not a trained journalist! I’m just…”

I hear you! And I get it!

So many people have come to me with the same concerns. Here’s what I always tell them.

As a small business owner on social media, you can write, post, publish and share with the masses. Just like journalists do!

You already have the platforms to reach the masses. Chances are that you have an audience, too.

That audience might already be hundreds or thousands and they are:

  • Hanging out in your social networks 

  • Reading your blog 

  • Listening to your podcast 

  • Watching your live videos 

  • And subscribed to your email list

 … because they’re super-interested in what you have to say.

Having a growing audience who’s ready and waiting to hear from you more than qualifies you for a press pass. In this training, I’m going to show you how to claim yours.


 Just imagine… 

  • Arriving at a conference that everyone’s been talking about for weeks and heading backstage to mingle with keynoters and speakers. 

  • The adrenaline rush you’ll get when you snag a video interview with Seth Godin, a conversation with Elizabeth Gilbert, or a quote from Michael Gerber. 

  • How amazing it’ll feel to share timely content (that you didn’t have to create) while rubbing shoulders with big-time influencers. 

  • Lining up interviews with speakers and well-known attendees when they leave the stage. 

  • Piggybacking with event hashtags and heading home with new followers and email subscribers. ______________________________________________

These things are all possible for you, once you learn "How to Get Your Press Pass!" 

"How to Get Your Press Pass" is an immediately accessible, three-lesson video class that teaches you how to get backstage at events and generously share valuable content that will boost your visibility and credibility.

Inside this three-video mini-class you’ll learn:

  • The one reason why you need a press pass to access leaders in your niche. 

  • How to get free access to stellar conferences.

  • My very best icebreaker email templates for contacting event organizers with the power to grant you access backstage. 

  • 3 tried-and-proven ways to land interviews with keynoters and speakers, authors, thought leaders and other prominent people in your industry.

  • 7 best practices and shortcuts for using hashtags to create a buzz before, during and after events.


 Shy? Introverted? Live  conferences not your thing? 

No worries!

You can use the same strategies and best practices from this mini-class to land interviews from your desk!

"This is gold!! I always thought you had to be an official 'journalist' to get a press pass. Now everyone can get publicity!"

Jen Lehner
Digital marketing entrepreneur

I created "How to Get Your Press Pass" because I don’t want your lack of knowledge or confidence to prevent you from getting in front of the influencers you want to connect with the most. 

"How to Get Your Press Pass" gives you all the guidance and exact how-to's you need to land interviews with conference keynoters and speakers, authors, thought leaders and other prominent people in your industry. 

When you implement what you’re about to learn in this class, there’ll be no more wishing and hoping you had better luck or waiting for opportunities to come your way.

You'll know the exact steps to take to increase your visibility and connect with leaders. 

And before you know it, you’ll be the one landing interviews that make your competitors jealous. 

All you need is moxie and a microphone!

"How to Get Your Press Pass" is yours to keep and implement over and over. It's just $11.00--(value $97)

"This is gold!! I always thought you had to be an official 'journalist' to get a press pass. Now everyone can get publicity!"

Jen Lehner
Digital marketing entrepreneur

"I appreciate your 'no nonsense' (yet kind!) advice on how I can embrace my power and put myself out there for the world to see!"

Faye Hadley
Auto mechanic entrepreneur

"You have a wonderful way of teaching people how to get their message out. Thank you so much!"

Judy Rosner
Banking executive

"The publicity tools Susan shares are outstanding: simply delivered, understandable, efficient, practical and easy-to-implement."

Dr. Joe Sasso

Who is Susan Young?

I’m a no-nonsense award-winning publicity strategist with 30 years of experience.

I broke into the fiercely competitive news world at the ripe age of 12, delivering the afternoon newspaper on my stingray bike in Edison NJ. 

In 1980, I went to college --and found the campus radio station. I was hooked!  

After graduation, I spent 10 years as a radio news reporter, on-air anchor and news director in the New Jersey/New York media market. I’ve interviewed everyone from homeless people to presidents. 

I also worked as Deputy Director of New Jersey Governor Christie Whitman’s Office of Radio and Television, as well as working as PR director for a statewide nonprofit. 

In 2000, I opened a media relations and PR consulting firm, helping organizations get publicity. 

Along the way, I won a bunch of awards from the Associated Press and the New Jersey Broadcasters Association. I was recognized by the Edison (NJ) Chamber of Commerce as “Entrepreneur of the Year.” I was even named one of the ‘Top 75 Badass Women on Twitter.’

These days, I teach people how to create a buzz and grow their visibility, credibility and community. We are all "media companies" with the platforms and power to reach our ideal audiences and maximize opportunities. 

It’s my goal to show you how to get free publicity without paying a single dollar and build lasting relationships with thought leaders and your community. 


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