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Opening the Window of Opportunity

One of the things I missed the most when we moved from New Jersey to Texas is the change of seasons and opening the windows in our house.

In San Antonio, the air conditioning is on for 9 or 10 months. Of course, we're grateful to have AC in the steamy months. Still, I miss the change of seasons and cracking the windows in the house to enjoy the breezes and crisp air. It's refreshing and brings a new energy. 

The same is true with work...businesses need to re-energize and take advantage of the many windows of opportunity that are often right in front of our faces.

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For entrepreneurs and professionals who want publicity, there is a HUGE window of opportunity to get media attention and "free press"---right now!

NewsFlash: The next 3 months are fresh with topics and timely subjects for interviews and stories in print, radio and TV news (traditional) and online media with podcasts, guest posts and video interviews. 

Why now??

Seasonal observances, graduations, weddings, PLUS Memorial Day weekend and July 4th holidays mean that reporters and influencers are looking for fresh voices and new story ideas to fill air-time and pages. I'm a veteran news reporter and truly know the need for solid business stories during slow news cycles. The struggle is real. (The media is tired of the same old stories on gas prices, camping and barbecues, trust me on this one!) 

That's where YOU come in. Yep, the window of opportunity is wide open right now. The question is: Are you ready??? 

I want YOU to maximize this prime publicity season so your competition doesn't.

That's why I've just opened the Publicity Mastermind Circle. It's a 21-Day online program for folks like you who want a step-by-step content calendar, templates to use when pitching your stories and fabulous placements that will leave your competition jealous! You'll get the plan, pitches and publicity. Sound good?

For 3 consecutive Mondays, beginning June 3, 2019,  we'll have 1-hour video sessions so you have a clear content calendar with fun and timely topics PLUS valuable email templates for your pitches so reporters will respond and be interested.

The first 30 minutes, I'll be teaching you and in the next 30 minutes we'll work together on your customized plan so you get fast results. And I'll hold you accountable to make sure stuff is getting done and opportunities aren't missed.   

A former student calls the program: "Absolutely pivotal!"

I want to be sure you maximize this "free press" and start building relationships with reporters who cover your niche. 

One thing: This is a working group so I'm limiting enrollment. There are 6 spots and I want to be sure you grab a spot and get the media attention you want and deserve. Click here to join the June Publicity Mastermind Circle now so you can create a buzz, cross-promote and build your impact. 

Remember, there are only a few spots and we start June 3, 2019.  

PS: Register for the Publicity Mastermind Circle now!


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